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About Us

RGVMPO staff work with a Transportation Policy Board (TPB) and a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). Members are ultimately responsible for the quality of transportation services and the impact of transportation on the quality of life in their region.

The RGVMPO is a federally funded program that works with Rio Grande Valley communities and the Texas Department of transportation to plan for the region's future transportation needs. The MPO also serves as a collaborative structure of committees and organizations that creates partnerships to address this region’s needs.

The RGVMPO is responsible for the regional planning process for all modes of transportation. The MPO provides technical assistance to the local governments of the Rio Grande Valley in planning, coordinating, and implementing transportation decisions for this area.

The RGVMPO administers all federal funds for urban transportation improvements in the Rio Grande Valley, including: road and highway expansion, maintaining the existing infrastructure through pavement management systems, safety transportation planning (includes the creation of designated freight routes and bicycle/pedestrian paths), emergency response planning, rail studies and transit planning.